The Coop's aim is to revive and generate awareness of our cultural heritage buses - the traditional Maltese-built buses, which are still in the heart of many locals and foreigners alike. The 60’s -70’s look will motivate the nostalgic symphony of colours which will bright up our streets.

A six-year-long project brought back on their feet a fleet of 21 Buses. The comeback of these well preserved traditional buses have come together as Malta Bus Coop Ltd. These Maltese heritage buses, which used to be part of the country’s public transport route bus service, kept by their owners, have undergone an external restoration and interior refurbishment, are Euro 5 compliant and fitted with an LPG system to provide a more environmentally-friendly service. Also, equipped with an audio guide which gives a brief history of the said classic Maltese Buses and the beauty of the Maltese Islands. This merit goes for each owner who owns a masterpiece, for the challenges faced during these past few years and their enthusiasm to bring History back to Life! The Coop welcomes any type of pre-booked transport services, such as; Tours, Transfers, Wedding transport, Pre-Weddings photo shoots, Conference-related transport service and other bespoke services. A ride on one of our characterful buses, guarantees a unique and unforgettable experience, brimming with excitement and curiosity for all ages.
Our Fleet
MHY 001

Chassis: 1936

Built: 1967 by Brincat Bus Builders

Original Registration number: 1604

Original Route: Valletta - Kalafrana (Birzebbugia)

Restored in: 2016

MHY 002

Chassis: 1967

Built: Michael Debono - 1969

Original Registration number: 2570

Original Route: Mellieha

Restored in: 2018

MHY 003

Chassis: 1966

Built: Michael Debono - 1966

Original Registration number: 3297

Original Route: Birgu, later as a Maltese Coach

Restored in: 2015

MHY 004

Chassis: Bedford 1934

Built: Carmelo Sammut in 1958

Original Registration number: 1181

Original Route: Sliema

Restored in: 2019

MHY 005

Built: 1970 by Brincat Bus Builders

Original Registration number: 2425

Original Route: Valletta - Zabbar

Restored in: 2016

MHY 006

Owned by: Raymond Borg

Built: 1964 by Brincat Bus Builders

Original Registration number: 3082

Original Route: Valletta - Mellieha

Restored in: 2016

MHY 007

Built: 1959

Original Registration number: 1861

Original Route: Valletta - Vittoriosa (Birgu)

Restored in: 2016

MHY 008

Chassis: Indiana 1932

Built: Frank Aquilina in 1954

Original Registration number: 2002

Original Route: Rabat

Restored in: 2019

MHY 009

Chassis: 1952

Built: Frank Aquilina - 1974

Original Registration number: 1825

Original Route: Birgu, Restored: B’Kara livery

Restored in: 2019

MHY 010

Chassis: 1944

Built: 1966 by George Schembri Bus Builders

Original Registration number: 1058

Original Route: Valletta - Sliema

Restored in: 2016

MHY 011

Chassis: Bedford 1954

Built: Michael Barbara 1964

Original Registration number: 3083

Original Route: Birkirkara

Restored in: 2020

MHY 013

Chassis: 1964

Built: Michael Brincat -  in 1964

Original Registration number: 857

Original Route: Sliema

Restored in: 2018

MHY 014

Chassis: 1969

Built: Michael Debono - in 1969

Original Registration number: 2714

Original Route: Zejtun

Restored in: 2018

MHY 016

Built: 1968

Original Registration number: 1643

Original Route: Valletta - Sliema

Restored in: 2016

MHY 017

Chassis: 1931

Built: Emmanuel Gauci - 1966

Original Registration number: 117

Original Route: Valletta - Rabat

Restored in: 2016

MHY 018

Chassis: Ford 1946

Built: Michael Barbara 1963

Original Registration number: 3230

Original Route:  Birkirkara

Restored in: 2019

MHY 019

Built: 1968 by Brincat Bus Builders

Original Registration number: 3284

Original Route: Valletta - Zebbug

Restored in: 2018

MHY 020

Chassis: 1954

Built: Joseph Grech -  in 1979

Original Registration number: 529

Original Route: Sliema

Restored in: 2018

MHY 021

Chassis: 1938

Built: Lawrence Casha - in 1969

Original Registration number: 2500

Original Route: Birkirkara – St Julian’s

Restored in: 2018


Malta is a Southern European island country consisting of an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. At over 316 km², and with a population of just under 450,000, Malta is one of the world's smallest and most densely populated countries. The longest distance on the island of Malta is 27 km. Malta's capital city is Valletta, which at 0.8 km², is the smallest national capital in the European Union by area, and the largest town in Matla is Birkirkara, while its chief economic centre is Sliema. Malta has two official languages, Maltese and English, with Maltese recognized as the national language. Almost all the Maltese speak English. Maltese is a Semitic language written in the Roman script comprising a vast element of words of Italian, French and English origin. Italian is also widely spoken.

Throughout history, Malta's location has given it great strategic importance and a sequence of powers including the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Fatimids, Sicilians, Knights of St John, French and the British ruled the islands. Malta has a long Christian legacy and is an Apostolic See. According to the Acts of the Apostles in the Christian Bible, St. Paul was shipwrecked on "Melita", as the Greeks called the island, and ministered there. Catholicism continues to be the official and dominant religion in Malta. The island is internationally renowned as a tourist resort, with numerous recreational areas and historical monuments, including nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites, most prominently the Megalithic Temples which are some of the oldest freestanding structures in the world.

The Maltese Islands offer an exhilarating contrast of colours: the azure of the Mediterranean and the mellow honey-coloured limestone which characterises the architecture and clear skies. The Islands are a feast for the senses.  Everywhere you go, a unique historic sights awaits. Temples, palaces, cathedrals and forts provide a living history you can almost touch. Sound plays an important part in the life of the islands. The mix of fireworks and village band marches transforms a summer night into a special memory. The advantage of a stay on the Maltese Islands is that you can experience several holidays in one.